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Long Island City, NY/Queens: Waterfront Concept Plan

Waterfront Concept Plan

Miranda Madrazo

Undergraduate Graphical Communiations for Planners, Fall 2019

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Long Island City, situated south of the Queensboro Bridge and east of Roosevelt Island, is a neighborhood rich with history and culture.

Its roots are in manufacturing, the remains of which can be identified by the old, industrial buildings beyond the new skyscrapers and luxury housing units built in a recent waterfront development. Green spaces, shops, and new housing have appeared as the area continues to gentrify. It is a lively place to visit or live in, with quality museums, street art, and outdoor activities.

Only in recent years has the area been transformed from a neighborhood of limited residential buildings and light manufacturing. Since the city identified LIC as a “growth area,” greening projects, hotels, residential buildings, and office buildings have been constructed.

This project is a concept plan for the undeveloped waterfront area, just below the Queensboro Bridge and above the Department of Education building, for which a detailed plan is provided, floor-by-floor. It aims to foster community and make green spaces accessible, with the historic and artistic characteristics of Long Island City in mind.

Instructor: Juan Ayala