Student and Alumni Spotlights

Yuemeng Zhang, MPP 2013

Name: Yuemeng Zhang

Job Title and Organization: Research Associate, New York City Labor Market Information Service

Briefly describe your role.

My role at NYCLMIS involves analyzing labor market information data and researching middle-skill jobs. I am also involved in presenting research findings to the workforce and education community to inform better policy making and strategic planning.

What is your advice for future Bloustein graduates as they enter the workforce?

Develop some areas of interest in the policy field and make sure to show your passion for the work you are going to do; also be prepared to showcase some of your previous work through concrete examples – charts, memos or presentation slides.

What is your favorite memory from your time at Bloustein?

Hanging out at the student lounge, or walking up the stairs to fifth floor to burn some extra calories from free seminar food!

How did Bloustein prepare you to succeed in your career?

The curriculum provided a solid foundation to understand policy making processes and the various ways to evaluate policy outcomes. Bloustein offered many courses for me to explore different policy areas as well as courses on useful research methods. Also, the semester-long Policy Practicum Project not only prepared me to work in a team environment, but also to work with a client, which greatly strengthened my soft skills, such as communication and project management skills.