2011-12 books published by Bloustein faculty

In addition to dozens of journal articles, approximately 175 other reports, chapters, and reviews, and hundreds of presentations, the following books were published by members of the Bloustein School faculty in 2011-12:

Roland V. Anglin with Edward James Blakely, Eugenia L Birch, Haruo Hayashi, Peter Fisher, Jed Horne, Joe Leitmann, Nario Maki, Michael Neuman, Kazayuki Sasaki, Richard Voith, Yasushi Aoyama, Laura Crommelin. Managing Urban Disaster Recovery: Policy, Planning, Concepts and Cases (Volume 3)  (CreateSpace, March 2012).

James DeFilippis and Susan Saegert, The Community Development Reader(Routledge Press, February 2012).

Michael GreenbergThe Environmental Impact Statement After Two Generations: Managing Environmental Power (Routledge Press, 2012).

Stuart Meck with Kenneth Pearlman. Ohio Planning and Zoning Law 2012. (Banks-Baldwin Law Publishing Co., May 2012)

Kathe Newman and Ross J. Gittell, editors. Activist Scholar: Selected Works of Marilyn Gittell. (Sage Publications, 2011).

Alan Rosenthal, The Best Job in Politics: Exploring How Governors Succeed as Policy Leaders (CQ Press, March 2012).

Dona Schneider and David Lilienfeld, eds. Public Health: The Development of a Discipline, Twentieth-Century Challenges, vol. 2 (Rutgers University Press, September 2011).