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Bike and Scooter Lane Demonstration Project in Asbury Park, NJ

Bike and Scooter Lane Demonstration Project in Asbury Park, NJ

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In this spring 2022 urban planning studio, 12 graduate students worked with Asbury Park, NJ’s Parking & Transportation Division to explore micromobility and active transportation options and infrastructure as ways to encourage expanded use of and enhanced safety of non-motorist travel. Students researched pedestrian, cyclist, and e-scooter user safety including current best practices and ways to make it easier, safer, and more attractive for people to choose sustainable transportation options.  

Micromobility can fill the gaps in a transportation network by helping people make first-mile and last-mile trips and short-distance commutes. Demonstration treatments, or “tactical urbanism,” offer low-cost, temporary changes to streets, sidewalks, and other spaces as a way road designers, residents, and visitors can try out design changes before installing more permanent treatments. With input and approval from the City of Asbury Park council and staff, the Studio Team developed a pop-up bike and scooter lane demonstration project installed from April 1st to April 25th, 2022.  

The Studio Team developed and analyzed a user feedback survey that was implemented during the demonstration project to draw real conclusions and recommendations and inform policymakers and planners on best practices surrounding safety and micromobility. Students contributed to the broader impacts of a National Science Foundation-funded university micromobility research project by exploring and testing technology and tools that can increase non-motorist safety including Virtual Reality and biometric sensors. 

Course Instructors and Client

The studio was taught by Bloustein School’s Voorhees Transportation Center staff Leigh Ann Von Hagen, AICP/PP, Sean Meehan, and Hannah Younes, Ph.D. in partnership with James Bonanno, AICP/PP of the City of Asbury Park. Special thanks to Mike Manzella, AICP/PP, who was integral to securing approvals early in the process.  

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