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In 2021 the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy received a generous gift from alumnus Walter C. “Wally” Evans MCRP ’74, to create summer programming that would introduce resident New Brunswick students to the field of urban planning. Partnering with coLAB Arts and New Brunswick City Center, the Bloustein School sought to provide an innovative STEAM summer enrichment program to help students develop an understanding of urban planning and public policy solutions through a socially-engaged research and design process.

The weeklong intensive program partnered middle school students from New Brunswick public schools with professional urban planners and artists in workshops that included building artful cities, 3D printing, community engagement, and social justice.


Creative Cities Design Institute
Creative Cities Design Institute Camp

Linking Students, Artists, and Urban Planners

The Creative Cities Design Institute works with New Brunswick students to create an original art installation project that would expand their understanding of the fields of city planning, art, engineering, environmental science, and social justice. They begin their week learning about socially-engaged art and its intersection with urban planning through games and a community agreement, and learned how urban planning helps build better communities.

Imagine New Brunswick
Graduate Planning Studio

Imagine New Brunswick

This year-long studio examined current conditions along the George Street vehicular access closure and the surrounding area. The street closure began in the summer of 2020 to promote safe outdoor dining during the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the closure had been well-received by businesses and the local community. As New Brunswick emerges from the disruptions of the pandemic, the city has reached a critical point on deciding what the future holds for George Street. Through a rigorous research and community engagement process, the Fall 2021 studio provided a series of short- and long-term recommendations for George Street and the city as a whole.

Meet the Creative Cities Design Institute Team

Barbara Faga, Ph.D.

Barbara Faga, Ph.D.

Juan Ayala

Juan Ayala


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