Cycle For One Hour and You’ll Live an Hour Longer — “City Cycling” Talk with John Pucher

Professor John Pucher will be authoring a bi-weekly chat for the European Cyclists’ Foundation for his upcoming book, City Cycling, which will be released by MIT Press in September 2012. You can pre-order a copy of the bookfor $18. Look for his next two chats on Women and Cycling and Children and Cycling in mid- and late June.


Professor John Pucher is nothing short of a cycling guru. He’s a passionate academic and provides bicycle advocates with the ammunition–the facts and figures–to give to decision makers. His new book, “City Cycling,” co-authored with Ralph Buehler, is set to be published in September. It may well turn out to be the “Bible” of bicycle policy. The ECF had a chat with  him about his work.

We all know that cycling is good for your health. The question that we should instead be asking is “how healthy is cycling?”

According to the upcoming MIT Press book, “City Cycling,” the scientific evidence is “overwhelming.” One study cited in the book even says that an hour of moderate to vigorous cycling extends an individual’s expected healthy lifetime by more than an hour.

“We’ve provided a comprehensive review of the many studies documenting the physical, mental, and social health benefits of cycling for daily travel,” explains Professor John Pucher, co-author and editor of City Cycling.

“And reduced health costs from increased cycling far exceed the costs of cycling infrastructure,” he adds.

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