Student and Alumni Spotlights

Dayana Toledo-Mendoza

Dayana Toledo-Mendoza, MPI ’23

Nonprofit Maven and Rising Public Informatics Star

Meet Dayana T., a dedicated professional at Rutgers University making waves in the nonprofit sector and a Master of Public Informatics graduate student at the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers. Dayana’s post-graduation journey commenced with a foray into the nonprofit landscape in North Jersey, where she discovered her passion for making a positive impact.

A 2016 Communication graduate from Rutgers University, Dayana has navigated her career with a commitment to effecting change through data-driven insights. Her involvement with the Public Informatics Student Group (PISG) as the President has been instrumental in connecting with like-minded individuals and gaining valuable perspectives on leveraging data analytics to address social issues. Reflecting on her journey with PISG, Dayana shares, “I joined PISG to connect with other students and learn about their experiences.”

Dayana’s enthusiasm for the Public Informatics program at Rutgers is evident in her dedication to utilizing data analytics for social change. As she delves into the program’s coursework, including Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing Studios. Dayana shares on her academic journey, “The Public Informatics program helps us use data analytics to tackle different social issues and other areas of concern.” Hence, she is gearing up to wield the power of advanced data science in her mission to drive positive societal transformation.

Looking ahead, Dayana envisions a future where she continues her impactful work in the nonprofit sector. However, the flexibility and depth of the Public Informatics program has also sparked her interest in potentially exploring opportunities in the government sector. With a keen focus on education access in low-income urban communities, Dayana is poised to make a lasting difference in the realms of social impact and public service.

“I’d like to stay in the nonprofit sector and maybe consider the government sector since the Public Informatics program will prepare me for either path.”