Public Informatics Student Group

Mission Statement

The Public Informatics Student Group (PISG) creates exploration within the student body by applying and using information, computing technology, and data in the contexts of public service and the urban environment.

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About PISG

The Public Informatics Student Group (PISG) is an interdisciplinary group of students interested in subjects that connect information technology and public service. The group, which was founded in 2019, is available to undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in understanding how governments, education, healthcare, and social services are learning to be more agile in the age of Big Data, AI, and the Internet of Things. More than just a student interest group, this organization looks to be a catalyst for student leadership and engagement on par with similar organizations at other world-class universities.

In 2019, the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University began offering a master’s degree in public informatics offering professional students cohorts in the competencies needed in public informatics: statistics, programming, data management, data analytics, visualization, spatial analysis, applications and the integration of these skills.

Email:  publicinformatics [at]
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President: Raj Divyang Parikh (rp1137 [at]
Vice President: Simran Singh (ps1153 [at]
Treasurer: Jonathan Delura (dejonra [at]
Secretary: Shiya Susan John (ssj101 [at]
The Membership and Outreach Coordinator: Nihar Mhatre (ngm48 [at]