Embracing her culture enables Richell Garcia to appreciate Rutgers’ diversity

For #HispanicHeritageMonth, we’ve asked students to write about their heritage, the loved ones they share it with, and where they come from. Take the time to learn these stories as we share them over the next few weeks.

Meet Richelle Garcia, a graduate student in the Bloustein School’s Master of Health Administration program.

“Puerto Rican culture is a mix of Spaniards, African and Native Taino. I come from a family that visits our grandmother every Sunday. When I visit during the Christmas season, we sing our traditional songs and play our instruments at a Parranda. Our traditional dance is the Bomba y Plena, and my cousin taught me the basic steps. Traditions from my heritage have always been ingrained in me by my family. Embracing my culture allows me to appreciate the university’s diversity, which has helped me succeed.”