Distracted Walking: A Critical Analysis of the Real Risks and Solutions

Dissecting the “Distracted Walking” Narrative Pedestrian deaths have risen by a staggering 35% between 2008 and 2017 in the United States. This alarming statistic has prompted widespread concern, with many attributing this to the rise of ‘distracted walking’. The...

Raising Kids Would Be So Much Better Without Cars

As Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says, we’re facing a crisis on our roadways. The death rate of children younger than 15 has more than doubled since 2018, from 5.8% to 11.9%, and that’s just for pedestrian deaths related to speeding, not for other scenarios,...

Four Ways To Build A Better Automated Enforcement Program

Decades of evidence that technology like speed cameras reliably reduces car crashes on the corridors where they're sited — not to mention their potential to reduce dangerous encounters between BIPOC and human officers — but automated enforcement...

Ralph et al article most viewed on JAPA

Congratulations to Nicholas Klein, Kelcie Ralph, Calvin Thigpen, and Anne Brown on their article "Political Partisanship and Transportation Reform" being the most viewed article from the last Journal of the American Planning Association...

More lanes on the Turnpike won’t solve congestion | Opinion

Gov. Murphy supports a $4.75 billion plan to add more lanes to an 8-mile section of the New Jersey Turnpike. However, Dr. Kelcie Ralph argues that congestion relief does not last because people quickly change their behavior to take advantage of the newly free-flowing...

Traffic cameras could reduce racial profiling, Rutgers study finds

Perceptions among state and federal policymakers that the public opposes the installation of speed cameras has made the technology rare despite the fact it could reduce racial profiling and minimize police-driver interactions, according to a Rutgers study recently...


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Freights and Ports Capstone Presentations 2


All are invited to attend the capstone presentations to be given by graduate students in the Urban Planning: Freights and Ports course.  There will be two sessions: Monday, April 15, […]

Master of Health Administration Town Hall


The Town Hall is an open and informal forum discussion for students to provide feedback, offer suggestions, and hear the most up to date news about the program. Hosted by […]

Bloustein Honors Research Program Poster Session

Bloustein School, Civic Square Building 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

The members of the 2023-24 Bloustein Honors Research Program cohort will be presenting their individual research projects in two formats.