Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Strategy has become critical to government, industry and society. The growing trend of AI applications integration into work, governance, and management processes continues to accelerate. This has led to an increase in roles requiring knowledge of AI concepts and strategy, and we expect an explosive increase in the availability of AI jobs.

The MPI program at Bloustein offers a concentration in Artificial Intelligence Strategy (AIS), with a focus on training leaders with a deep understanding of AI concepts and strategy, and with capabilities to build and manage value creation opportunities in government, non-profits and industry using AI.

Concentration Requirements

  • Three 3-credit courses for Bloustein Master of Public Informatics (MPI) students
  • Four 3-credit courses for the Artificial Intelligence Certificate (non-MPI students)
Required Courses

For the AIS Concentration

  • 34:816:645 Artificial Intelligence: Practice, Principles & Strategy
  • 816:616:01 Research Practicum Study in AI Topics

For the AIS Certificate (Non-MPI students)

  • 34:816:634 Machine Learning for Public Informatics
  • 16:198:520 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (School of Arts and Sciences, Dept. of Computer Science) or Similar as approved by concentration chair or advisor.

Elective Course (Choose one)

  • 816:616:01-00 Research Practicum Study in AI Topics (2)
  • A broad range of AI, NLP, CV, ML courses available from Bloustein and Other colleges at Rutgers – Students will coordinate with their advisors / Concentration Chair to select a suitable elective.

The Artificial Intelligence Strategy concentration is suitable for:

  • Graduate students – Masters and Ph.D., with necessary quantitative or computational or technical credits or relevant work experience.
  • Undergraduates with demonstrated statistical or math capabilities and necessary quantitative or computational or technical credits.

Why invest in the Artificial Intelligence Strategy concentration?

  • Develop expertise on AI and big data for public good
  • Acquire unique insights on managing AI for people-centered value creation
  • Harness the rapidly growing opportunities in AI governance in the public sector space
  • Capitalize on the critical importance and long-term potential of AI skills in government and industry
  • Tap into the emerging wave of AI job openings

Unique Focus

The MPI AI concentration and stand-alone AI certificate are distinct from computer-science AI, as it prioritizes managing AI and AI strategy over its relatively low emphasis areas of coding and applications development. This could vary based on student choices on electives and research topics.

Why study Artificial Intelligence Strategy?

There is a growing need for skilled AI professionals today as government institutions and international agencies start using emerging AI technologies. In 2023, governments have taken specific steps towards regulating and using AI – The Presidential Executive Order on safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial Intelligence, the United Nations announced the creation of a new Artificial Intelligence Advisory Board, the UK government hosted the first-ever AI Safety Summit for AI nations and global experts to discuss the global future of AI and understand its risks, and Governor Murphy established the New Jersey State Artificial Intelligence Task Force to promote AI in industry and government, and to facilitate equitable and fair distribution of AI resources and benefits. Businesses and not-for-profits are also rushing to capitalize on the AI wave. Thus, with the recent emphasis on AI based governance, leaders and managers with competencies in AI are essential to ensuring successful implementation and equitable value creation. The MPI AI concentration prepares you for this!

Graduates of the MPI Artificial Intelligence Strategy concentration / certificate could tap into opportunities in AI research, data science, and consulting.

Advanced Data Science and AI for Public Good!

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