Graduate Program | Public Policy Joint Degree Program

Dual Degree with Graduate School-Newark, Division of Global Affairs (MPP/MS)

Individually, a total of 40 credits are needed for the Master of Science and 48 credits for the MPP. Students are able to complete the dual degree MPP/MS with 70 total credits—a minimum of 34 credits offered by the Graduate School-Newark, Division of Global Affairs (DGA) towards the MS degree and a minimum of 36 credits offered by the Bloustein School towards the MPP degree—and a language requirement.  This dual degree program may be completed in six full-time semesters.

The Bloustein School would accept the DGA internship as its Applied Field Experience and the specialization courses to fulfill the concentration requirement for the MPP.  DGA would accept the Bloustein methodology course to fulfill its Methods requirement and give credit for one Bloustein elective.  Students would be required to take all other courses required for the MPP and for the MS in Global Affairs.

Required for MS—40 credits

Language requirement—Students must demonstrate both reading and writing knowledge of at least one modern language other than English.

MS Core Courses—18 credits—One course in six of the following nine areas:

  • 26:478:537 Global Governance—3 credits
  • 26:478:541 / 26:553:607 Global Political Economy—3 credits
  • 26:478:572 / 26:510:543 Evolution of the Global System—3 credits
  • 26:220:518 International Economics I—3 credits or
    26:220:512 / 26:478:510 Fundamentals of Economics in Global Affairs—3 credits or
    34:833:543 Economics and Public Policy—3 credits
    (DGA will accept a Bloustein course for this core)
  • 26:478:598 / 26:070:598 Genocide—3 credits or
    26:478:585 / 26:920:585 Social Movements and Globalization—3 credits
  • 26:478:504 International Law—3 credits or
    26:478:525 International Legitimacy and Global Justice—3 credits or
    26:600:638 International Law and World Order—3 credits
  • 26:478:538 Global Environmental Issues—3 credits or
    34:970:618 Environmental Planning & Management—3 credits or
    34:833:619 Environmental Economics and Policy—3 credits
    (DGA will accept Bloustein courses for this core)
  • 26:533:602 / 26:478:597 International Business—3 credits or
    26:478:589 / 26:533:601 History of International Business
  • 26:478:514 Ethics and Global Affairs

Colloquium—2,2 credits—26:478:570, 571  Two semesters are required; however students are encouraged to attend additional colloquia on a noncredit, non-registered basis.

Methods—(3 credits)—Qualitative or quantitative courses may apply.  Masters students are encouraged, but not required, to take additional methodology courses within their elective credits; this will be accomplished through this dual degree program. (DGA will accept Bloustein Methodology courses)

Specialization—9 credits—At least 3 approved graduate courses in one of the five areas listed below:

  • Conflict and Human Rights
  • Global Business and Economics
  • Global Governance
  • Human and Environmental Security
  • Global Policy

Electives—6 credits—These credits must be fulfilled by:

  • Internship—3 credits—must be approved by Director of DGA but Bloustein applied field experience will be accepted
  • Courses require departmental approval—3 credits—DGA will accept a Bloustein course

Required for MPP—48 credits

MPP Core Courses—12 credits—At least one course in each of the following areas:

  • 34:833:510 Public Policy Formation—3 credits
  • 34:833:543 Economics for Public Policy—3 credits
  • 34:833:570 Non-profit Management—3 credits or
    34:833:571 Public Management—3 credits or
    34:833:681 Managing People and Organizations
  • 34:833:540 State and Local Public Finance—3 credits or
    34:833:567 Budgeting and Public Policy—3 credits or
    34:833:xxx Non-Profit and Community Development Finance

Methods—9 credits

  • 34:833:530 Methods I: Research Design—3 credits
  • 34:833:521 Basic Quantitative Methods—3 credits
  • 34:833:525 Applied Multivariate Methods—3 credits

Applied Field Experience—3 credits—34:833:673 Applied Field Experience

Policy Research Practicum I, II—6 credits (3 credits each)—34:833:640, 641

Concentration—9 credits—At least 3 approved graduate courses in one of the four areas listed below:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Community Development
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Labor and Workforce
  • Management
  • Methods
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Political Processes and Institutions
  • Social Policy and Women’s Issues

Electives—9 credits—Courses require departmental approval

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