Transportation Policy and Planning

The transportation policy and planning concentration provides a broad survey of the field as well as a critical evaluation of current and alternative policies and practical application of planning methods. Urban transport systems are examined in the context of environmental, energy, safety, equity, financial, and health impacts. Particular focus is placed on public transit planning, non-motorized modes such as walking and bicycling, environmental issues, and the coordination of land use and transportation planning. Students must take three of the eight core courses, and choose one elective from either the other core courses or from the listing of recommended courses below for a total of four courses. Students are encouraged to consider a Directed Study which may substitute for one recommended course. Recommended methods courses include Introduction to GIS for Planning and Public Policy (34:970:591), Topics in GIS (34:970:592), and Discrete Choice Methods (34:970:630). A graduate planning studio with a transportation focus or component is strongly recommended.

Required Courses (take at least three of these courses)
  • 34:970:550 Introduction to Transportation (Spring/Fall)
  • 34:970:551 Transportation and Land Use (S25, alt. years)
  • 34:970:552 Transportation and the Environment (F23, alt. years)
  • 34:970:553 Methods of Transportation Planning (Spring)
  • 34:970:554 Transportation Economics and Finance (S24, alt. years)
  • 34:970:555 Transportation and Equity (S25, alt. years)
  • 34:970:556 Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning (F24, alt. years)
  • 34:970:558 Public Transit Planning and Management (Fall)


Recommended Courses (choose one additional course, which can include the required courses you did not choose above, or other courses with approval from the concentration coordinators, for a total of four courses)
  • 34:970:508 Comprehensive Planning (Spring)
  • 34:970:560 Freights and Ports (Spring)
  • 34:970:594 Program Evaluation (F24, alt. years)
  • 34:970:590 Graphical Communication and Design Representation (1st year, Fall)
  • 34:970:600 Planning and Design I (Fall) (pre- or co-req of 34:970:590)
  • 34:970:618 Environmental Planning and Management (Fall)
  • 34:970:634 Machine Learning for Public Informatics (Spring), pre req: Applied Multivariate Methods or (34:970:527) or Discrete Choice (34:970:630)
Recommended Courses in other Programs

Civil and Environmental Engineering
(these course offerings may change from year to year)

  • 16:180:531 Traffic Engineering
  • 16:180:532 Transportation Planning
  • 16:180:533 Traffic Operations
  • 16:180:536 Transportation System Analysis
  • 16:180:537 Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • 16:180:548 Infrastructure Management Systems
  • 16:180:551 Rail Transportation System
  • 16:180:552 Engineering Risk Analysis in Transportation Systems
  • 16:180:554 Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure
  • 16:180:555 Railway Track Engineering and Safety
Graduate Certificates

Students in this concentration may be interested in the Graduate Certificate in Transportation Studies.

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