Graduate Certificate Program

Urban Planning Certificate

For graduate students currently enrolled at Rutgers who are not in the Urban Planning and Policy Development program.

This certificate indicates familiarity with urban planning. The Urban Planning and Policy Development Program will offer a certificate in urban planning to students who complete the Master of Public Policy degree, and who also complete the following 15-credit curriculum:


  • 34:970:501 History and Theory of Planning 3
  • 34:970:517 Survey of Planning Law Principles 3
  • 34:970:516 Planning Methods 3 (prerequisite of 970:515 or equivalent)


  • 34:970:591 Introduction to GIS 3


  • 34:970:592 Topics in GIS 3

And, two of the following advanced planning courses:

  • 34:970:529 Principles of Housing 3
  • 34:970:537 International Comparative Planning 3
  • 34:970:555 Urban Transportation Policy 3
  • 34:970:556 Urban Transportation Planning 3
  • 34:970:562 Community Economic Development 3
  • 34:970:563 Community Development 3
  • 34:970:601 Introduction to Planning and Design 3
  • 34:970:604 Land Development Practice 3
  • 34:970:618 Environmental Planning and Management 3
  • 34:970:622 Urban Redevelopment 3
  • 34:970:645 Regional Development 3
  • 34:970 Urban Planning elective 3

Entrance into a certificate program requires the permission of the director of both programs. Successful completion of a certificate program will be indicated on graduate transcripts. For more information, or an enrollment application, please see Courtney Culler, Assistant Director for Graduate Student Services, in room 183 of the Civic Square Building, or you can contact her by phone at 848-932-2727 or by email at courtney.culler [at]

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