Hispanic Heritage Month 2022

For #HispanicHeritageMonth, Bloustein School students wrote about their heritage, the loved ones they share it with, and where they come from.

Jonathan Bonilla’s Hispanic heritage instills the values of perseverance, dedication, gratitude, and resilience

Jonathan Bonilla’s rich Hispanic culture has helped him create community and foster an environment of inclusivity.

Embracing her culture enables Richell Garcia to appreciate Rutgers’ diversity

Richell Garcia says the traditions from her heritage have been ingrained and by embracing her culture she can appreciate the university’s diversity.

Priscilla Arias, PhD candidate, learned to “live life” with a dual American and immigrant identity

Priscilla Arias, PhD candidate at the Bloustein School, says her understanding of being both American and an immigrant has enabled her to I hope to center her research on empathy and understanding of all people.

Bryan Balarezo, PH ’23, Writes a Letter to his Peruvian Ancestors

Bryan Balarezo knows his ancestors would be proud of the person he has become, embracing his culture and heritage and never forgetting his roots.