Jermaine Toney Receives Fellowship to Study Effects of Redlining

March 14, 2023

Assistant Professor Jermaine Toney has been selected to receive the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) fellowship on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Economic Outcomes for the 2023-2024 academic year. He will spend the 2023-24 academic year conducting research at the NBER’s Cambridge office.

Following notification of the award, Dr. Toney said, “I am very excited to have NBER fellowship support, which will provide me with the opportunity to capitalize on multi-city data compiled from the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act and new data on the 1930s redlining maps, with extensions to racial covenants to understand the impact of historic anti-black practices on the current behavior of credit facilities through home mortgage loan denial. Economic research that can evaluate the effects of historic redlining on contemporary mortgage loan denial is needed to more accurately inform future social science research. Results from this research may shed light on the specific mechanisms that underpin the contemporary black-white gap in credit and homeownership.”

Dr. Toney’s research primarily focuses on finance, family, and health. An overarching focus of his research is the distribution and stratification of various socioeconomic indicators, such as wealth, income, and education. His current work examines the transmission of socioeconomic status across generations, intergroup experiences in accessing credit and asset markets, analytic approaches to measuring the racial wealth gap, and how disparities in health affect a household’s financial marketplace participation.

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