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The Biggest Barrier to a Vibrant Second-Hand EV Market? Price

“Taken together, these findings suggest that EV demand may still not be widespread for lower-income households in the U.S.,” Noland said. “Encouraging nationwide EV adoption will require broader uptake of new and used EVs from all income levels.”

New Paper on Affordable Rental Housing by NJSOARH

A new article by the NJSOARH team examines the difficulty of enumerating the number of federally subsidized housing units and provides a method of reconciling data sets at the parcel level to identify housing needs and rental stock.

New Paper on Foreclosure Crisis by Prof. Eric Seymour

A new paper by Eric Seymour and Josh Akers investigates outcomes associated with properties sold using land contracts signed between 2008 and 2015 in Detroit, leveraging real estate transaction, tax foreclosure, and eviction and land contract forfeiture records

New Research: Impact of Peer Support After Opioid Overdose

In this cohort study of patients treated for opioid overdose, OORP implementation was associated with an increase in MOUD initiation and a decrease in repeat medically treated overdoses. The large variation in outcomes across hospitals suggests that treatment effects were heterogeneous and may depend on factors such as implementation success, program embeddedness, and availability of other hospital- and community-based OUD services.

Heldrich Report: NJ’s Teacher Workforce Landscape

By shining light on patterns of enrollment in educator preparation programs and degree completion, the number and type of teaching credentials earned, hiring into various teaching positions, and retention of teaching staff, it is possible to better
understand the present and future needs in the state’s K–12 workforce.

Dean Shapiro: A hidden way politics shapes regulation

To address these questions, two forces should be brought to bear. The first is expertise, which is housed at the agencies of the executive branch. The second is political responsiveness, which comes from the president. The push and pull between expertise and responsiveness is hard to balance, but few would argue that neither should be present.


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Master of Health Administration Town Hall


The Town Hall is an open and informal forum discussion for students to provide feedback, offer suggestions, and hear the most up to date news about the program. Hosted by […]

Bloustein Honors Research Program Poster Session

Bloustein School, Civic Square Building 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

The members of the 2023-24 Bloustein Honors Research Program cohort will be presenting their individual research projects in two formats.

Placemaking in Context: Honoring the Culture and History of Communities

Bloustein School, Civic Square Building 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

Placemaking strengthens the connection between people and places. Join us as we examine placemaking through a lens of arts and humanities with transportation, highlighting the culture and histories of local […]