Marc Weiner to serve as Big Ten Academic Alliance leadership program fellow

Each year, Rutgers deans nominate faculty members of their schools to serve as fellows in leadership programs for the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA), the academic component of the Big Ten athletic conference.

The Chancellor’s Selection Committee chooses five faculty for each of the two BTAA leadership programs, the Department Executive Officers (DEO) program and the Academic Leadership Program (ALP). This year, Associate Research Professor and Executive Director of the Bloustein School’s Undergraduate Programs, Marc D. Weiner, J.D., Ph.D, was selected to participate in the 2020-21 DEO program.

The BTAA DEO program is designed to provide leadership training for faculty who are currently serving as department chairs. The goal of the program is to help talented and diverse faculty further develop their ability to be effective academic leaders at their current institutions, or in the future at other major research institutions. Many past participants in the program have gone on to successful careers as Deans, Provosts, Chancellors, and Presidents of major colleges and universities.

Previously, professor Nancy Wolff was selected as an ALP Fellow (2015-16); associate dean and profesor Clinton Andrews was selected as an ALP Fellow (2016-17), and distinguished professor Robert Noland was selected as a DEO Fellow (2016-17).