Stuart Shapiro hosts Facebook Live discussions on impeachment

After almost three years of blogging following the 2016 election, Professor Stuart Shapiro has brought his down-to-earth perspective to a live, in-person and online audience.

Following along the lines of his book, “Not Normal,” on November 20 he hosted the school’s first live discussion to analyze the events surrounding the impeachment hearings. A follow-up discussion on December 17 delved a bit more into the implications of the Democratic House impeaching President Trump, as well as what we could expect, hope for, and fear in the coming weeks.

“My goal is to help people make sense of what’s going on, and how certain events can affect us and our country’s future,” said Shapiro. “A lot of the information can be overwhelming, and I hope these discussions can pull out some of the more important points.”

Both recordings are available for viewing.

S1E2: Two Counts of Impeachment…Will They Count?
S1E1: Not Normal: This Week in Impeachment