Heldrich Report: NJ’s Energy-Efficiency Workforce Needs

The Heldrich Center, in partnership with the Built Environment and Green Building Group at the Center for Urban Policy Research, recently conducted a study to better understand and document community needs and areas for growth in training, recruiting, hiring, and retaining students, trainees, and workers from diverse backgrounds for the state’s energy-efficiency workforce.

New Report from Marc Pfeiffer – First, Do No Harm: Algorithms, AI, and Digital Product Liability

The potential for algorithmic harm(s) are commonly reported to be found in (but are not limited to) technologies such as generative artificial intelligence chatbots, social media, virtual reality, Internet of Things, surveillance tech, robots, etc. This new report provides a pathway to reduce algorithmic harms by incentivizing developers to first, do no harm as opposed to work fast and break things.


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