Eric Seymour

Does Wall Street Own Your Dream Home?

The new report, which was authored by GSU professor Taylor Shelton and Rutgers researcher Eric Seymour, shows that in Atlanta three corporate landlords own 19,000 single-family rental homes, “These companies own tens of thousands of properties in a relatively select set of neighborhoods,” GSU’s Shelton said, “which allows them to exercise really significant market power over tenants and renters because they have such a large concentration of holdings in those neighborhoods,”

New Paper on Affordable Rental Housing by NJSOARH

A new article by the NJSOARH team examines the difficulty of enumerating the number of federally subsidized housing units and provides a method of reconciling data sets at the parcel level to identify housing needs and rental stock.

New Paper on Foreclosure Crisis by Prof. Eric Seymour

A new paper by Eric Seymour and Josh Akers investigates outcomes associated with properties sold using land contracts signed between 2008 and 2015 in Detroit, leveraging real estate transaction, tax foreclosure, and eviction and land contract forfeiture records

Three companies own more than 19,000 or nearly 11% of rental houses in metro Atlanta

“Corporate landlords like places that are growing, and they like places where housing is relatively cheap,” Shelton said. “But the other box that Atlanta checks is that we have very lax tenant protections.” To address the situation, Shelton and his fellow researchers (Eric Seymour) decided to make their methods of investigation available to the public.

Researchers Find Three Companies Own More than 19,000 Rental Houses in Metro Atlanta

Shelton, an assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences at Georgia State, along with his collaborator Eric Seymour of Rutgers University, investigated the ownership of rental homes in metro Atlanta and found that more than 19,000 were owned by just three companies — Invitation Homes, Pretium Partners and Amherst Holdings.

North Las Vegas homes have a Wall Street problem

Housing experts, including Rutgers University’s Eric Seymour, highlight the impact of corporate landlords in Las Vegas, who often outbid individual homebuyers and contribute to the unattainability of homeownership for many.


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