health disparities

Update on New Jersey Population Health Cohort Study

Investigators, including Joel Cantor, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy and Director, Center for State Health Policy, on the New Jersey Population Health Cohort Study, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and RBHS, presented an overview of the study...

Beyond buildings, Sandy damaged people’s health

The record-setting Superstorm Sandy that made landfall in New Jersey on Oct. 29, 2012, resulted in both short- and long-term health hazards for residents, some far from obvious. When the floodwaters finally drained, they left potentially contaminated sludge, which...

Madison Menkevich, MPP/MPH ’24

Having studied the importance of understanding intersectional factors and social determinants of health that are related to poor health outcomes for individuals and communities, Madison felt compelled to further her degree with a dual degree in Public Policy.


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Rutgers Disability Coming Out Day

Gov. James J. Florio Special Events Forum, CSB 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

A panel of disability activists will discuss building a society that works for all of us. Future leaders in planning, policy, healthcare, and education are encouraged to join to learn […]