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Economists Are Right To Hate Rent Control

Progressives keep trying to rehabilitate the reputation of rent control, and often misuse existing research to make their case that it's an effective policy with few, if any downsides. The most recent example comes in the form of an essay for The...

Economists Hate Rent Control. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

The following OpEd was published in The American Prospect by Prof. Mark Paul As any Econ 101 student can tell you, rent control is bad. This is because rent control is a price control, and price controls artificially distort well-functioning markets, resulting in a...

NJ State Policy Lab Marijuana Study featured on

A recent study by the New Jersey State Policy Lab, "Does the Decision to Allow Local Cannabis-Related Businesses Impact Home Sale Prices?" by Michael S. Hayes, Associate Professor, Rutgers University-Camden and Prakash Kandel, Ph.D. Student, Rutgers University-Camden,...

Dean Emeritus James W. Hughes says NJ economy is a tightrope of sorts

New Jersey 101.5 wants to know "Summer is fading fast: Will NJ consumers keep spending?" Inflation and interest rates continue to rise and there is concern that NJ will head into a recession if the spending doesn't keep pace. But Hughes suggests, "The labor market...


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