Dr. Patti O’Brien-Richardson Speaks at World Afro Day

Dr. Patti O’Brien-Richardson was a speaker at the 2023 World Afro Day – Workplace on September 15th in the UK. Dr. O’Brien-Richardson provided hair discrimination policy training for corporations and HR professionals, spoke on the need for policies in the workplace, and the physical and mental health impact of not having hair discrimination legal protection.

The New Jersey State Policy Lab Announces Ten New Research Projects

The NJSPL issued a call for proposals in the early summer, and received 28 proposals, including ones from all three Rutgers University campuses and four other universities in New Jersey. Ten projects were chosen that cover a wide array of policy issues, and employ varying research methodologies to evaluate very real problems that innovative policy solutions can address.

NJSPL – Barriers to Accessing Primary Care in New Jersey

NJSPL summer intern Taylor Hughes found that regular, reliable primary care is often considered a valuable resource and a critical gateway into the healthcare system, but not every person has the ability or access to a primary care physician or office.

NJSPL – Risk Perception of Cannabis Use in Young Adults

NJSPL summer intern Sofia Wernyj found research that suggests the younger a person begins using cannabis, the higher the likelihood of them developing a dependence on the drug. It is important for NJ state leaders and policymakers to be aware of possible public health and safety issues that could arise from increased access to the drug.

NJSPL – Food Insecurity in New Jersey – Policy Solutions and Improvements

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs have identified fifty food desert communities across the state, and several programs have been enacted to address food insecurity through tax credits for grocery stores and increasing monthly SNAP benefit minimums.

What Will It Take to Eliminate Pedestrian and Bicycle Fatalities in NJ?

The New Jersey Department of Transportation adopted the Zero Deaths National Strategy with the vision of achieving zero fatalities on all public roads by the year 2050 by prioritizing safety for the most vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users of wheeled and mobility transports. But how can this be accomplished?

NJSPL The Future of Educator Performance Assessments in New Jersey

In June 2022, the State Assembly and Senate voted unanimously to pass a dramatic change to the existing legislation, which removed the State Board of Education edTPA requirement and furthermore outlined that educator preparation programs were prohibited from even considering a candidate’s performance-based assessment(s) when making teacher certification decisions.


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