Hughes – What if the road from Tuckerton to Atlantic City was built?

Route S4A was intended to connect Tuckerton in Ocean County to Atlantic City in Atlantic County, New Jersey, during the 1920s. The road's construction would have significantly shortened the travel distance between North Jersey and Atlantic City, but it was never...

What Will Regulatory Policy Look Like Under President Biden?

The Biden administration’s “first six months to a year will be taking up the issues [such as] figuring out which Trump administration initiatives are going to require significant effort to reverse and putting the effort into those,” said Stuart Shapiro, associate dean...

Trump tests legal limits by delaying dozens of Obama's rules

Presidents from both parties routinely pause their predecessors’ rules, but Trump’s delays are lasting longer and reaching further — with targets including protections for student borrowers, standards for e-cigarettes, and an expansion of requirements that airlines...

Trump wants to deregulate on the cheap

Now that the Trump Administration can no longer rely on Congress using the Congressional Review Act to repeal regulations, they are on their own. And the initial results raise questions about their ability to succeed. One strategy that the Trump Administration has...

DAPL decision shows Trump that the devil is in the details

Last week, a federal judge decreed that the Army Corps of Engineers had done an insufficient job reviewing the environmental impact of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). The decision threatens to shut down the pipeline. Pushing forward on the pipeline was one of the...

Trump's climate order is just an opening bid

Amid much fanfare yesterday, President Trump announced an executive order intended to roll back Obama administration climate policies. The executive order (like many of Trump's actions to date) is largely ceremonial, however. Whether or not Trump has a lasting effect...

EPA regulations face new test at high court

If the high court sends the rule back to the EPA for cost consideration, said Stuart Shapiro, Rutgers University public policy program director, it could take the agency the rest of the Obama administration to reissue the rule. The Hill, March 24


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