New Research from Rubin et al.: The state takeover of the Camden City District schools and students’ academic performance

In March 2013, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced a state takeover of the Camden City School District. Michael S. Hayes, Julia Sass Rubin & Pengju Zhang examined the changes in students’ standardized test scores before and after the state takeover. Their findings do not support the positive evaluations of the state takeover by NJ political leaders. They discuss what explains the discrepancy between perceptions of the takeover and its actual impact on Camden students.

NJSPL – New Jersey Snapshot: Rising Population Yet Declining School Enrollments

Schools in NJ experienced a 2% decrease in enrollment from Fall 2010 to Fall 2021, and an additional 7% drop is projected to occur between Fall 2021 and Fall 2031. And yet in roughly the same amount of time, state’s population has increased overall by 5.5%. Understanding these trends will require further research to take into account a greater multitude of demographic variables.

NJSPL Report Release: The Impact of Eliminating Adjustment Aid for School Districts in New Jersey

In 2018, New Jersey implemented the S-2 bill, which aimed to reduce adjustment aid to school districts in the state. This report investigates the types of school districts affected by the elimination of the adjustment aid, along with the short-term impacts of eliminating adjustment aid on local revenues, current expenditures, student to teacher ratios, and student performance in New Jersey school districts.

NJSPL – 2018 Revision of New Jersey’s School Aid Formula Impacts

The School Reform Act of 2008 (SRFA) was designed to create a new school funding formula with the intention of ending a long cycle of failed legislative attempts to reduce school spending inequalities in New Jersey. But how has eliminating this adjustment aid affected school districts?

Multiple News Orgs Cite Marc Pfeiffer’s BLGRC Report on Jersey City

This report covers the period October 2020 through June of 2022. The CAO has found that the district has met a sufficient number of Accountability Scorecard metrics to meet the requirements of the Transition Plan to move toward full local control. While the district...


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