NJSPL – Why Does the High School Science Course Sequence Matter?

One primary concern of this research project will be exploring different outcomes associated with students starting high school in low-level science courses versus those who start in standard and high-level science courses, and understanding the implications of how this may or may not influence later success in post-high school education.

Tech Companies Want You to Believe America Has a Skills Gap

Many worry that President Trump's suspension of the H-1B visa program in June, and his recent executive order increasing scrutiny of federal contractors' use of H-1B visa holders to replace U.S. workers, will create a black hole of talent in STEM fields. But there are...

The federal government’s H-1B racket

The libertarian-leaning me believes an American employer should be able to hire pretty much anyone he or she wants to hire. But the taxpaying me believes that if the federal government limits immigration yet creates a special visa program for highly skilled foreign...

Republicans criticize use of high-tech visas

"When there is a shortage, wages go up," said Hal Salzman, a professor of planning and public policy at Rutgers University. "So, if there is a demand out there, why haven't we seen wages increase?" USA Today, March 17


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