Alumni, non-matrics invited to register for Saturday course in Nonprofit Management

July 14, 2016

Beginning in September 2016, the Bloustein School is offering a graduate-level course in Nonprofit Management on Saturday mornings. The course, which will taught by Julia Sass Rubin, Associate Professor in the Program in Public Policy, will be held at the Civic Square Building, 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick from 9:50 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

The course applies management concepts and approaches to nonprofit organizations. It emphasizes the challenges faced by managers of nonprofit organizations in this period of resource scarcity and examines the impact that the increasingly blurred boundaries between the nonprofit, public, and for-profit sectors are having on the management of nonprofits.  Course materials integrate both theoretical and applied research and writing on managing nonprofit organizations, including teaching cases based on the real world experience of managers, and guest speakers who are putting these ideas into practice.

Dr. Rubin offers the course as part of the regular graduate curriculum on weekdays for matriculating students. After receiving inquiries from alumni, Dr. Rubin decided to open a Saturday morning section for non-matriculating students.

Previous students who have taken the course offered the following reviews:

“The class has given me new perspective into this sector, more so all the nuances involved. It was interesting to learn about the various components of a nonprofit organization, and I could think about these on a broader scale, and be even more critical about nonprofits when I had a more general idea about them before.”

“Made me think critically on how non-profits are financed and managed. Exposed me to a variety of types of non-profit organizations. Increased my interest in working for a non-profit organization while also exposing me to the challenges and limitations of the sector.”

“I found the use of case studies to be a fantastic addition to the learning process. It provided the students with an opportunity to apply the readings, theory, etc. to real life situations, advancing my intellectual growth in the process.”

“By showing the complexity of the nonprofit space in a clear way, I feel like I learned a tremendous amount, but it was never difficult. I worked – I did the readings, the writing, the projects – but the professor presented it and structured the class such that understanding the material was never difficult.”

Anyone with questions or wishing to enroll should email Dr. Rubin at

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