Bloustein School, RU Press to celebrate New Jersey with new books by Bloustein School authors

November 21, 2014

The Bloustein School and Rutgers University Press announce the publication of three new “Jersey-focused” books by Bloustein School authors.

James W. Hughes, Dean of the Bloustein School and Joseph J. Seneca, University Professor of Economics, have authored New Jersey’s Postsuburban Economy. From its colonial origins to the present day, New Jersey’s economy has continuously and successfully confronted the challenges and uncertainties of technological and demographic change, placing the state at the forefront of each national and global economic era. Based on the nearly three-decade-long Rutgers Regional Report series, Hughes and Seneca present the issues confronting the state and brings to the forefront ideas for meeting these challenges. The book describes the forces that are now propelling the state into yet another economic era in the context of historical economic transformations of New Jersey, setting out the technological, demographic, and transportation shifts that defined and drove them. Click here to purchase this book.

Reviews of New Jersey’s Postsuburban Economy:

“A view of New Jersey’s past, present and future economy by two of the states most respected scholars. Should be a must read for anybody hoping to shape future economic policy.”
—Thomas H. Kean, governor of New Jersey, 1982-1990

“If you are interested in New Jersey’s economy, its history, its recent and present condition, and knowledgeable projections as to where it’s going, Jim Hughes and Joe Seneca should be your go-to guys. Their clear and easy-to-read writing style makes economics almost enjoyable.”
—James J. Florio, governor of New Jersey, 1990-1994

TheRaritanRiverJudy Shaw, researcher at the Bloustein School and director of the Sustainable Raritan River Initiative, is the author of The Raritan River: Our Landscape, Our Legacy. The book gives readers a tour of the remarkable river, a major waterway 90 miles long, with 2,000 miles of tributary streams and brooks that twists and turns from its source in Morris County, down to the Raritan Bay. The longest river that is completely within New Jersey, it includes the state’s largest contiguous stretch of wildlife habitat and runs through one of the most populated areas of the United States. The Raritan River shows New Jersey for what it is—home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. This lavishly illustrated book tells the story of an amazing region where protected environments coexist with land left in ruins by rampant industrialization and where the reckless pursuit of commerce scarred the lands along its banks.With over 350 photographs and 20 paintings, Shaw captures scenes of the river, the wildlife on the shores, and the human activities along its banks. Click here to purchase this book.

Reviews of The Raritan River: Our Landscape, Our Legacy
“Judy Shaw focuses on the incredible array of dedicated individuals and organizations who work to restore the Queen of Rivers to its former grandeur.  As someone who canoed the Raritan in my youth, and who has lived along its banks, I salute the unsung heroes featured here, as well as the vibrant partnerships that serve as a model for citizens everywhere who would save and enjoy their own rivers.”
—Michael Catania, Executive Director, Duke Farms

InsideNewarkRobert Curvin, visiting scholar at the Bloustein School, is the author of Inside Newark: Decline, Rebellion, and the Search for Transformation. Based on historical records and revealing interviews with over one hundred residents and officials, Inside Newark traces Newark’s history from the 1950s, when the city was a thriving industrial center, to the era of Mayor Cory Booker. Along the way, Curvin covers the disturbances of July 1967, called a riot by the media and a rebellion by residents; the administration of Kenneth Gibson, the first black mayor of a large northeastern city; and the era of Sharpe James, who was found guilty of corruption. Curvin examines damaging housing and mortgage policies, the state takeover of the failing school system, the persistence of corruption and patronage, Newark’s shifting ethnic and racial composition, positive developments in housing and business complexes, and the reign of ambitious mayor Cory Booker. Inside Newarkreveals a central weakness that continues to plague Newark—that throughout this history, elected officials have not risen to the challenges they have faced. Curvin calls on those in positions of influence to work for the social and economic improvement of all groups and concludes with suggestions for change, focusing on education reform, civic participation, financial management, partnerships with agencies and business, improving Newark’s City Council, and limiting the term of the mayor. Click here to purchase this book.

Reviews of Inside Newark: Decline, Rebellion, and the Search for Transformation
“Curvin’s associations and key figures, extensive interviews and institutional memory mesh forcefully and lend amplitude to the narrative. Anyone who resides in or near Newark, or once did, or feels like a stakeholder in the great urban outcome should dwell deeply on his journey.”

“Robert Curvin’s aggressive research, candid narration, and unflinching judgments leave you informed, sobered, and guardedly optimistic that a once beleaguered city’s search for transformation is at last well underway. Inside Newark is a book in the great tradition of Steffens’s The Shame of the Cities.”
—David Levering Lewis, Pulitzer Prize recipient for the biography of W.E.B. Du Bois

A private event will be held on Tuesday, December 9 to celebrate the publications. For more information about the event, please contact Marcia Hannigan at 848-932-2828.


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