Can anyone lower New Jersey’s property taxes? What the candidates for governor are saying

Murphy’s Republican predecessor, Chris Christie, worked with Democrats in the Legislature a decade ago to put a 2% annual cap on property tax increases, with some exceptions.

The effects of that cap have been clear with slower growth under Murphy, said Marc Pfeiffer, a former Rutgers professor and assistant director of the state’s Division of Local Government Services, which focuses on budgeting and management.

“That is the single biggest influence on holding local government, school and county spending in check,” Pfeiffer said. “Because without it, there would be no reason for government officials to come up with justifications for additional spending.”

Pfeiffer also worked several years ago with Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester, on a sweeping “Path to Progress” report that addressed an array of fiscal challenges in New Jersey, including property taxes.

New Jersey Herald, October 12, 2021