Routine Traffic Stops Too Often Turn Deadly, And Jayland Walker Is The Latest Victim

Police experts are still looking for ways to circumvent deadly chases and fatal traffic stops. One way, according to Kelcie Ralph, a transportation scholar at Rutgers University, are traffic cameras.

Traffic stops are the most common interactions between police and citizens, Ralph said. And a cop does not have to be involved every single time someone may have a minor violation with their vehicle.

“This is disproportionate policing and there are a lot of traffic stops for very minor and non-safety issues. This would add no human, in-person interaction. It would only be a camera,” Ralph told HuffPost. “The police make a lot of choices about whom they pull over. There is a tendency to pull over minority communities to a greater degree, it is no surprise that the same laws are not being influenced the same ways in affluent white communities like they are in Black and brown communities.”

Vigour Times, July 16, 2022