Sicheng Wang

Dissertation Topic/Title

  • Travel Behavior of Ridesourcing: A Data-Driven Analysis

Dissertation Committee

Previous Degrees

  • Master of Arts in Design, 2013, Tongji University/ Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design

Contact Information

Research Interests/Personal Statement

Sicheng’s research is to understand the mechanism and impact of new transportation technologies and shared mobility and providing policy implications for a more sustainable transportation system in the future. His dissertation titled “Travel Behavior of Ridesourcing: A Data-Driven Analysis” investigates three behavioral factors for those using app-based on-demand ride services like Uber, Lyft, and DiDi – travel demand, accessibility, and the price elasticity of sharing. This project has been awarded the 2020 Rutgers Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowship, among ten winners out of a large pool of universitywide competitors.

 Teaching/T.A. Experience

  • Teaching:

    • GEOG 105 The Digital Earth, University of South Carolina
    • GEOG 341 Cartography, University of South Carolina
  • TA:

    • 775 395 Research Method, Rutgers University
    • 970 516 Planning Methods, Rutgers University
    • 970 553 Methods of Transportation Planning, Rutgers University
    • 970 509 Urban Economics and Transportation, Rutgers University
    • Diploma Project of B.Eng. in Urban and Rural Planning (studio), Tongji University
    • Design Strategies, Tongji University