gas tax

NJ gas prices are trending down but experts are worried

Rutgers economist James Hughes said even if President Joe Biden is able to convince Congress to freeze the 18.4 cent a gallon federal gas tax for the next few months and Gov. Phil Murphy agrees to suspend the state gas tax (an idea he has rejected so far) “that would...

Gas prices rise to record highs again

Gas peaked at $1.39 a gallon back then, which would be $4.52 today. Action News spoke to Michael Lahr, an economics professor at Rutgers University. "What may happen, not real soon though, is that companies will use these raises in prices to invest in capital to get...

Why New Jersey’s gas tax could go up for the first time since 1988

However, Martin Robins, director emeritus of Rutgers University’s Alan M. Voorhees Transportation Policy Center, argues that gasoline taxes levied on a per-gallon basis will begin to go down when auto makers begin complying with federal requirements for higher...


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