Undergraduate Student Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: The following are commonly asked questions, but they do not replace seeking advising for your major as each students’ situation is unique

If I want to pursue a Bloustein School major, do I need to do a School to School transfer?

SAS students are not permitted to transfer to the Bloustein School as all of our undergraduate academic programs are available to them as SAS students. SEBS students interested in pursuing a major other than public health are encouraged to submit  the School to School transfer application.

If you are enrolled in another professional school (i.e. School of Nursing, Rutgers Business School, School of Engineering, etc) and wish to pursue a Bloustein School major instead of your current program, you will need to submit a School to School transfer application.

How do I declare my major?

If you are currently enrolled in SAS, SEBS or another Rutgers professional school, you need to apply through our joint degree application first. In order to apply, you will need to submit the application, which can be found here. More information about this process can be found here.

Once you are admitted to the major, then you can declare it through your primary school’s mymajor system or the major declaration process.

Who can I speak to about making a plan for graduation and other academic concerns?

You can speak to an academic advisor in the Office of Student and Academic Services at the Bloustein School to create an academic plan for your major. Our contact information can be found here. It is important that you speak with a dean or advisor in your primary school regarding your eligibility for graduation. Degree Navigator is a great tool to help you review and plan your academic program requirements prior to meeting with an advisor.

Do I have to be a Rutgers-New Brunswick student to pursue a major in the Bloustein School?

The Bloustein School is located on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus. However, some of our major programs, such as Public Health and Health Administration, are offered at the following off-campus locations: Atlantic Cape Community College, Brookdale Community College, County College of Morris, and Mercer County College.  Students in these degree completion programs are considered Bloustein School students. Unfortunately, students at the Rutgers-Newark and Camden campuses cannot pursue a Bloustein School academic program.

Can I take courses at a community college to meet a prerequisite requirement for my intended major?
  1. Current Rutgers students: In order to take a course at a community college, you need to seek preapproval from your primary school. If your primary school determines that the course will transfer to Rutgers as an equivalent to the prerequisite, then the Bloustein School will accept it towards the major. Please speak with an advisor or dean at your primary school about the process for preapproval.
  2. With regard to which courses may transfer from your community college, you can review your courses on njtransfer.org to determine which have course equivalencies at Rutgers. This is the best way to determine which courses from your community college will transfer and how they will transfer to Rutgers
How do I know what the prerequisites are for my intended major?

You can view the prerequisites to each major offered at Bloustein by visiting our Undergraduate Majors page and clicking on your intended major. There are no prerequisites to declare a minor offered through the Bloustein School.

I want to apply to medical school/physician assistant programs/nursing school. Are the prerequisites for these graduate programs incorporated into my major?

No. Most of the science and math courses you will need for clinical programs are not required for the Bloustein School majors. You are encouraged to work with the Health Professions Office (HPO) at Rutgers. HPO can assist you in planning out the best time to take your additional prerequisite courses while you complete your required programs.

I am a newly accepted transfer student to the Bloustein School. When do I select my classes?

As a new student, you will be invited to attend a Students in Transition Advising and Registration (STAR) session. You will need to attend one of these sessions in order to select your initial schedule. If you cannot attend, please speak with an advisor for instructions.


As a continuing student, when do I register for classes?

If you are a continuing New Brunswick student, registration is based on your earned credits. This does not include your  current registration. Click here to view the registration schedule.

How do I declare a minor? Do I have to meet with a Bloustein School advisor about my minor?
  1. You do not need to apply for a Bloustein minor. Typically, we advise students to follow Degree Navigator for their minor programs; however, we are here to assist you if you have specific questions or concerns. If your primary school is SAS, SEBS, or another New Brunswick school, you can declare the minor through your online mymajor system or your Dean’s office.
  2. If you are a Bloustein student, you can declare a minor via our online form.
What should I do if a course isn’t showing or is being misread on Degree Navigator

This is a common error for our programs. Please contact your major advisor via the contact information here. If you are an undeclared major, your Degree Navigator should update once your major is showing in the system.

How do I get an internship approved?
  1. For Health Administration, Public Health, and Public Policy majors you will be required to take Leadership Seminar the semester prior to taking Professional Practice Internship. Leadership Seminar will prepare you for your internship search and you will get your internship site approved by the Leadership Seminar instructor.
  2. Planning and Public Policy majors should plan to meet with an Internship Coordinator the semester prior to taking the course in order to plan their placement.
  3. Urban Planning and Design majors have the option of taking an internship as an elective, but it is not required. If you would like to take an internship, please speak to one of the Urban Planning and Design Program Coordinators, Juan Ayala or Barbara Faga.
I’m interested in one of the 5 year (3-1-1) programs. How can I get more information?
  1. Exceptional, well-prepared students from any major with 60 to 105 credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better, and who wish to pursue graduate studies at the Rutgers School of Public Health may seek advising about the 5-year (BA/MPH or BS/MPH) program. Contact undergrad@ejb.rutgers.edu for more information.
  2. Students interested in the 3-1-1 Bachelor’s/MPP Program, please click here. Students interested in the 3-1-1 Bachelor’s/MCRP Program click here. Note: These programs are highly competitive and require students to be well advanced in their undergraduate study with space to enroll in 18 graduate credits in their senior year.
How do I know if I’m eligible for graduation?

In order to determine your graduation eligibility, you should reach out to an advisor or dean at your primary school (SAS, SEBS, EJB, etc.). Typically, to be eligible for graduation students need to complete their major program, General Education/Core Curriculum, any secondary programs such as 2nd majors and/or minor(s), achieve a minimum 2.000 cumulative grade point average and a total degree credit amount based on their primary school. Also, some schools require that 30 of the final 42 credits must be offered through RU-New Brunswick faculty. Please contact your dean’s office for your school’s specific requirements.

In which order should I take the courses for my major?

Generally, it is a good idea to take your major courses in the order they are written on our website, brochures, and curriculum sheets. They are typically arranged from lower-level to upper-level courses. Following the program in order can help you remain on track for completion.

Can I pursue a major and minor through the Bloustein School or a double major?

Yes. Please speak with an advisor for more information.

I'm undeclared. Can I take a course that is restricted to majors only?

Each major has certain courses that are restricted to declared students only. You can only register for these courses after you have applied and been admitted to your major. Unfortunately, as an undeclared student or intended student in the major, you cannot take courses that are restricted to declared students.

How do I get a Special Permission Number for a Bloustein course?

Click here for the Bloustein SPN system and more information about it. The system will only show courses that are available for SPN requests. Please note that this system is only for courses offered by the Bloustein School. If you would like a special permission number for a course in a different department, please contact that department directly.

How do I update my graduation date?

Your graduation date is determined when you enroll at Rutgers. You can change your graduation date on the mymajor system for SAS or SEBS, or via the online Graduation Date Change Form for Bloustein students. If you are a student in a Rutgers professional school, please contact your dean’s office. Note: The change is subject to the school’s approval.

How do I pursue an Independent Study?

In order to pursue an independent study, you will need to find a full-time EJB faculty advisor and plan your project or research. You should also contact your academic advisor for the Independent study consent form, which you will fill out with your faculty advisor. The independent study consent form should be submitted to your academic advisor once completed, who will then instruct you on how to receive a special permission number to register for the course.

Can Study Abroad count toward my major?

Yes, it is possible. You should first speak with an advisor in the Study Abroad Office about your options and then contact a Bloustein school advisor if you are a declared major.

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