Bloustein School recognizes completion of studies for 14 MCRS, MPAP students of KDI Scholars program

December 10, 2018

In January 2001, the Bloustein School and the School’s Urban Planning and Policy Development Masters Program entered into a partnership to accept students from the School of Public Policy and Management of the Korea Development Institute (KDI) into the Urban Planning and Policy Development graduate program. In 2016, a new partnership enabled applicants to be accepted into the Bloustein School’s Master of Public Affairs and Politics (MPAP) program.

On December 7, the Bloustein School recognized the seven MCRS graduates and seven MPAP students completing their studies at the Bloustein School in 2017 in a special graduation ceremony.

Rutgers and the Bloustein School are very well known in Korean academic and planning circles, and offer KDI students an excellent opportunity to broaden their knowledge and practical skills through the combination of coursework and professional internship.

MCRS Graduates

Byungsun Ahn graduated from Hanyang University with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Environment & Construction Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration at Korea Expressway Corporation’s in-house MBA program. He served for two years as an Engineer Officer of Republic of Korea Army (R.O.T.C) and has worked at Korea Expressway Corporation for twelve years.

Kyungmi An received a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning from Hanyanng University, College of Engineering. Kyungmi has worked at Korea Land and Housing Corporation since 2007.  Kyungmi has taken part in various urban development projects including the development project of mid-sized province called North-Chung-Cheong, New Town Project in Metropolitan area called Wirye NT and overseas urban development cooperation projects.  Kyungmi has an interest in financial planning related to real estate development for city managing.

Jongho Kang graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at GyeongSang National University in South Korea.  Jongho has been employed with Korea Land and Housing Corporation since 2000 working on residential land development construction work and civil engineering design, land development design, road design at the residential land development site.   Jongho is currently the Director of MilYang Nano Convergence Complex Site Development Project. 

Sekwang Kang graduated with Summa Cum Laude, earning a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from INHA University.  Sekwang earned a Master in Integrated Urban Planning also from INHA University.  Sekwang was a commissioned officer in the Military Facilities Project Operation Office in the Republic of Korean Navy for three years.  He is now employed by Korea Land and Housing Corporation as Manager, Namgu New Town Project.  His current research interest is on community development that is socially sustainable, which doesn’t take the gentrification-like demolition approach.

Jae Won Lee earned a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Yonsei University and a Master of Science in Business Administration from Seoul National University.  Jae Won has a variety of work experience such as Housing Welfare Planning, Land and Housing Marketing, Acquisition of Land, Regional Integrated Planning and Development.  He currently works as a Manager of an accounting team in General Affairs Department of Korea Land & Housing Corporation.

Youngsoo Lee graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Planning and Engineering from Yonsei University and went on to earn his Masters at Yonsei University in Urban Planning and Engineering.  He served as First Lieutenant in the Republic of Korea Army.  Yongsoo has worked for Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Transportation Institute and Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements.  Youngsoo has spent half of his career in Korea Expressway Corporation on the project of developing the future road network preparing for unification of Korea. His career vision is to be a specialist in road infrastructure development for developing countries including North Korea based on international cooperation.

Ju Hyun Park attended Chungnam National University, College of Engineering graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering.  Ju Hyun became an urban planner at Korea Land and Housing Corporation and went on to be the Assistant Manager of the General Project Planning Department.  Ju Hyun studied in London for a year and a half and visited cities in the UK and surrounding European countries which increased his interest in urban planning.

MPAP Graduates

Hye Yeong An attended Seol National University receiving a Bachelor of Science for Nursing and also English Language and Literature.  Hye has worked for Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Government since 2005 in various departments like Tourism Policy, Environmental Policy, Export Promotion, Budgeting Office and most recently the Legal Department.  Hye’s career vision is in the area of public administration, especially sustainable development in the tourism industry and environment friendly urban planning.

Hyun Ung Goh graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Hyun Ung has worked as an international civil servant as well as a government official both in and out of Korea.  Hyun Ung was selected as Junior Professional Officer (JPO) and worked for ten years in the International Organization for Migration in different parts of the world including Europe, East Asia and Southeast Asia.  Hyun Ung has been working since 2012 at the Ministry of Interior, Government of Korea working exclusively in the Department of Local Affairs dealing with various issues related to local governments including the integration of immigrants.

Jooyeon Jang is a graduate with highest honors from Yonsei University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Economics.  Jooyeon has worked for Korea Fair Trade Commission since 2008 with her last position as Deputy Director. Her vision is to become a top competitive law executor at the Korea Fair Trade Commission who can contribute to Korean economy with improved insights in public policy.

Yunkyung Jeong attended Chungbuk National University in South Korea earning a Bachelor of Arts.  Yunkung is currently a Public Official in Sejong Special Self-governing City since 2012 involved in social and public welfare issues.  Yunkyung is responsible for developing women’s safety policies, improving employment rates for women, solving day care problems and improving working conditions for workers at public day care centers.  Sejong City requires the development of public policies for the construction of friendly cities for women and children.  Yunkyung’s graduate studies helped expand her knowledge and experience to devise and support policy development, evaluation and improvement, policy case studies and performance analysis.

Tae Kyung Kim received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ajou University in Korea. Tae Kyung served as Sergeant in Korean Army from 2001-2003.  He has been employed at Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Korean Expressway Corporation and currently the Ministry of Finance and Strategy in the Budgeting Division.  Tae Kyung’s interests are in the field of Public Policy.  He believes by establishing effective public policies, we can optimize the distribution of social resources and contribute to the benefit of all members of the society and create a better world.

Jusang Kweon received a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering from Chang won National University in Korea.  Jusang served as Sergeant in the Korean Army from 1996-1999.  Jusang worked at Korea Expressway Corporation as Senior Manager of Reimbursement of Land Acquisition Team.  Jusang is interested in redevelopment projects of existing expressways in metropolitan areas.  As an urban planning and public policy specialist, Jusang would like to play a key role in identifying opportunities, completing a project plan and making investment decisions.

Jiyoung Lee graduated from Gyeongsang National University with a Bachelor of Arts dual degree in Political Science and Public Administration.  Jiyoung has been employed by Korea Expressway Co. since January 2008 most recently as Senior Manager, Audit and Inspection Division.  Jiyoung would like to become an expert in overseas business as one of the sub-career developments of Korea Expressway Corporation.

The KDI School of Public Policy and Management was established in 1998 to meet the educational needs of government and business leaders in a globalizing world economy. The school is a collaborative effort between the Korea Development Institute, founded 30 years ago as Korea’s premier policy research organization, and the Korean government. Classes at the KDI School, which attracts students from Asia and around the world, are conducted in English. Approximately 40 percent of the student body is comprised of international students. As part of their two-year master’s course, KDI School students are required to spend one year at an overseas university.

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