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Listening to experts isn’t perfect, but ignoring them is far worse

Last week, President Trump said of his opponent, Vice President Biden, "he'll listen to the scientists." In case you’re confused, this was meant to be an insult. Indeed, the president seems to take pride in the extent to which he has ignored the advice of...

This obscure law can help correct misinformation in Trump's White House

Last week, an advocacy group, the Democracy Forward Foundation, sent a letter to the Department of the Treasury requesting a correction under the Information Quality Act. This seemingly obscure action could pave the way for greater use of another tool that could be...

EPA's Scott Pruitt isn't helping his conflict-of-interest image

Earlier this week, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a policy declaring that recipients of EPA grants could no longer serve on several EPA scientific advisory committees.  Given the widespread presence of industry representatives and former industry lobbyists...

Trump's climate order is just an opening bid

Amid much fanfare yesterday, President Trump announced an executive order intended to roll back Obama administration climate policies. The executive order (like many of Trump's actions to date) is largely ceremonial, however. Whether or not Trump has a lasting effect...

EPA regulations face new test at high court

If the high court sends the rule back to the EPA for cost consideration, said Stuart Shapiro, Rutgers University public policy program director, it could take the agency the rest of the Obama administration to reissue the rule. The Hill, March 24


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