Bloustein School recognizes completion of studies for 12 MCRS, MPAP students of KDI Scholars program

December 7, 2016

In January 2001, the Bloustein School and the School’s Urban Planning and Policy Development Masters Program entered into a partnership to accept students from the School of Public Policy and Management of the Korea Development Institute (KDI) into the Urban Planning and Policy Development graduate program. In 2016, a new partnership enabled applicants to be accepted into the Bloustein School’s Master of Public Affairs and Politics (MPAP) program.

Rutgers and the Bloustein School are very well known in Korean academic and planning circles, and offer KDI students an excellent opportunity to broaden their knowledge and practical skills through the combination of coursework and professional internship.

On December 2, the Bloustein School recognized the eight MCRS graduates and the first four MPAP students completing their studies at the Bloustein School in 2016 in a special graduation ceremony.

MCRS Graduates

Hochang Kim studied at the University of Seoul, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He has been employed by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) since 2005 and has carried out various residential complex projects. He has also worked on overseas projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

Doo Hyun Lee has been employed by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) for the past 12 years. He graduated from Hanyangi University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering. He plans to return to Korea with his new skills and play an active role in the field of national development.

Gyeong Jin Lee received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English language and literature from Chungbuk National University. She has worked for the Korea Airports Corporation since 2005, and her employment at Gimpo International Airport raised her interest in urban planning and transportation.

Kookhwan Lim attended Sogang University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in economics. In 2004, he joined the Finance Department at the Korea Expressway Corporation. There, his experiences led him to choose the MCRS degree in order to improve his ability to navigate sophisticated transportation policy in South Korea.

Segril Oh received a bachelor’s degree in business administration and accounting from Kyung Hee University. He has been employed by the Korea Expressway Corporation since 2005 where he has carried out management evaluation of departments within the company. He chose the MCRS program to develop and understanding of urban planning and transportation.

Seunghwan Shin received a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. He has been working for more than 20 years at the Korea Expressway Corporation, where he is responsible for the planning, construction, maintenance, and operation of national expressways on behalf of the government.

Yugean Yang has been employed by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) as a project and construction manager for 17 years. He graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in architectural engineering in 1997. Since then, he has carried out various housing projects including project planning, feasibility studies, design, and construction.

Jae-yu Yoon received two bachelor’s degrees, one in public administration and one in urban engineering. Her employment with Daejeon’s local government piqued her interest in urban planning and transportation. Jae-yu is interested in moving into the field of regional development and transportation policy in her local government.


MPAP Graduates

Kyung Hoon Kim has been employed by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) for the past 10 years. He graduated from Yeonsei University with a Bachelor of Arts degee in philosophy in 2003. He is interested in the public management of metropolitan areas like New York City, and plans to apply his knowledge to his company’s public housing management needs.

Jamyoun Ku received a Bachelor of Arts in social studies education from Seoul National University in 1995. He has since been working as a government official for the Ministry of National Defense of South Korea., where he has been improving his expertise as an alayist of North Korean issues and participating in inter-Korean military discussions to promote peace on the Korean peninsula.

Jeungsuk Lee obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian from Hankuk University in 2000. He has been employed by the Korea Land & Housing (LH) Corporation for 16 years, and has experience in human resource affairs as well as extensive experience in the planning of new cities.

Wonsang Moon earned a bachelor’s degree in political science with a focus in international relations at Seoul National University. He currently works for the Ministry of National Defense as a civilian officer, where is primary responsibility is planning the construction of military facilities and mediating civilian issues.


The KDI School of Public Policy and Management was established in 1998 to meet the educational needs of government and business leaders in a globalizing world economy. The school is a collaborative effort between the Korea Development Institute, founded 30 years ago as Korea’s premier policy research organization, and the Korean government. Classes at the KDI School, which attracts students from Asia and around the world, are conducted in English. Approximately 40 percent of the student body is comprised of international students. As part of their two-year master’s course, KDI School students are required to spend one year at an overseas university.

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