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Master of Health Administration (MHA) Administrative Fellowships

The experience gained through participation in healthcare administrative fellowships provides the opportunity for recent graduates to put theory into practice. In addition to developing practical professional knowledge, those in fellowship roles begin fostering relationships with senior-level executives that can help guide their careers for years to come.

As part of its rigorous curriculum, the Rutgers MHA program prepares its students with the skills and competencies to engage in fellowship roles. We are pleased to highlight some of the stellar graduates of our program who have earned impressive, competitive fellowships in healthcare systems throughout the United States.

Congratulations to all of our administrative fellows!

Ian Rosenast, MHA ’24

The Rutgers MHA fostered a newfound sense of curiosity for Ian about healthcare, particularly within U.S. health systems. In his administrative fellowship program, Ian will focus on physician practice operations & finance. He will be working closely with the Senior VP of Physician Network Operations and the AVP of Financial Operations in rotations including physician organizations and practice management, primary care, ambulatory business development, and physician finance and operations. 

“The Rutgers MHA program has opened so many doors. The resources made available to me, including access to professors with extensive real world knowledge, case competitions, networking conferences, and continued leadership training, are some of the best aspects. The program demands a firm understanding of the healthcare system through professional-level discussion, and has prepared me to feel confident when I enter the hospital administration field.”

Ian Rosenast - MHA '2024

Administrative Fellow, Department of Physician Network Operations, Maimonides Medical Center (Brooklyn, NY)

Gabriella De Oliveira, MHA ’24

A strength of the Rutgers MHA program lies in its distinctive project-based approach, said Gabriella. It emphasizes project-oriented learning and provides students with a unique opportunity to develop practical skills and insights into healthcare administration. Engaging in collaborative projects cultivates a sense of camaraderie among colleagues, fostering friendships that extend beyond the classroom. She feels this immersive experience enables students to gain a profound understanding of the challenges and successes inherent in healthcare administration.

“The Rutgers MHA degree has been a cornerstone of my professional success. As the Community Outreach Chair for GSHL, I’ve fostered invaluable partnerships within the community and established connections with members of influential organizations like ACHE, RWJBH, and HMH. Many of my professors, including Jane Kaye and Susan Krum, have played a crucial role in enhancing my educational experience by integrating real-world experiences into the classroom, offering essential practical insights for my professional development. They are committed to challenging and nurturing our potential. This comprehensive approach, combined with Rutgers MHA’s top-tier reputation, has been instrumental in securing my administrative fellowship and advancing my career in healthcare administration.”

Gabriella De Oliveira - MHA '2024

Administrative Fellow, Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health, Jersey City Medical Center (Jersey City, NJ)

Amanda Balbi, MHA ’24

Amanda is grateful for the many resources available from both the Bloustein School and Rutgers that have helped her grow as an early professional. In addition to networking and professional development opportunities, professors bring real-world experience and help provide professional connections. The Hackensack Meridian Health administrative fellowship she will be starting is a rotational program involving participation and observation with network leadership. 

“My experience in the Rutgers MHA program has been outstanding. The staff and professors bring significant industry experience and passion, and are beyond willing to answer questions drawing from their real-world experiences. Students participate in a wide array of networking and professional development opportunities from guest lecturers to alumni panels to on-campus events. Professors and program alumni also promote professional connections using their networks. The Rutgers MHA program has helped me to grow my professional network and learn the integration of textbook knowledge and professional experiences.”

Amanda Balbi - MHA '2024

Administrative Fellow, Hackensack Meridian Health, Edison, NJ

Caitlyn Coyle, MHA ’24

Caitlyn says the outpouring of support from faculty, staff, and students is one of the greatest components of the Rutgers MHA program. She said the nurturing and inspiring atmosphere ensures each student can pursue the best possible career trajectory on an individualized basis. Faculty and alumni mentors provide positive collaboration, and the diversity of faculty experience gives high-level insights and knowledge to the entire student body.

The RMHA program allows every student to blossom into a ready careerist through enriching coursework as well as the many guest speakers, case competitions, graduate societies, and career services events. It fosters educational achievement in a holistic and novel manner. Evening classes allow us to work in the field while providing the opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios. The RMHA program supplies students with all the tools needed to experience success, while also motivating is to utilize the tools. The RMHA program has transformed me into a confident and strong individual, an early careerist, and a lifelong learner.”

Caitlyn Coyle - MHA '2024

Administrative Fellow, Hackensack Meridian Health, Edison, NJ

Divya Patel, MHA ’24

When reflecting on her time in the Rutgers MHA program, Divya said the knowledge and experience of the faculty members really stood out. In addition to helping her gain a better understanding of the healthcare industry, she said working with the faculty and staff helped her fine-tune her interests. She will begin her fellowship in June 2024.

“The excitement that every faculty and staff member show about the MHA program is truly inspiring. I was able to explore my interests, network with healthcare leaders within the industry, and pursue multiple professional development and work opportunities. With the guidance of the professors I was able to develop my leadership, communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and financial skills.”

Divya Patel - MHA '2024

Administrative Fellow, Cooper University Health Care, Camden, NJ

Hannah Maisel, MHA ’23

Hannah was one of several Rutgers MHA students selected to receive a scholarship to attend the ACHE Conference. She said it was an amazing opportunity where she was able to network and further delve into her specific healthcare interests. Overall, she said the RMHA program has taught her what type of healthcare administrator she wants to become.

“The professors in the Rutgers MHA program are extremely qualified and successful healthcare leaders who bring their experiences into the classrooms.I gained valuable knowledge which I am able to apply to my fellowship. The program helped me develop communication, time management, organizational, problem solving and leadership skills. The course structures alloted for group work which played a large role in my teamwork and project management competencies.”

Hannah Maisel - MHA '2023

Administrative Fellow, Columbia University, Department of Psychiatry - New York, NY

Allie Chu, MHA ’23

The diversity of the student body was one of the most valuable parts of Allie Chu’s experience in the Rutgers MHA Program, she says. Her fellowship placed her in Houston, Texas, as SCA Health places fellows around the country depending on the preceptor-preceptee match and preceptee interests.

“Connecting with a diverse student body broadened my view of what it means to be a healthcare professional in our rapidly evolving environment. The Rutgers MHA program consistently encouraged me to explore my interests and pursue new work opportunities. This enabled me to have an enriched learning experience by regularly applying classroom instruction in realistic settings.”

Allie Chu - MHA '2023

Administrative Fellow, Operations, SCA Health - Houston, TX

Jitty Joseph, MHA ’23

Jitty Joseph’s fellowship will enable her to rotate through the core areas of Hackensack Meridian Health, working alongside healthcare executives, and gaining hands-on experience and exposure to a variety of sectors in administration and leadership.

“The diverse faculty and staff of the Rutgers MHA program goes above and beyond to support their students’ journeys to success. The program provided a solid foundation of the healthcare industry, a deep understanding of leadership development, career versatility, and impact on patient care. The numerous networking opportunities I experienced will contribute to my life-long learning and professional development.”

Jitty Joseph - MHA '2023

Administrative Fellow, Hackensack Meridian Health - Edison, NJ

Ayushi Pandya, MHA ’23

Ayushi is confident that the valuable experience she has gained throughout the Rutgers MHA will help prepare her for a future professional career and growth as an administrative leader. She will begin her administrative fellowship in July 2023 at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre, PA.

“The Rutgers MHA program has broadened my knowledge in various aspects of healthcare including administration, finance, information technology, marketing, and operations. Giving presentations and working closely with a team of highly motivated students also boosted my communication and leadership skills and confidence.”

Ayushi Pandya - MHA '2023

Administrative Fellow, Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital - Sayre, PA

Erin Malast, MHA ’22

Erin is an Administrative Fellow/Care Transformation Services Project Manager at Hackensack Meridian Health, in Edison, NJ. She said the Rutgers MHA degree contributed to her professional success by providing both a great deal of knowledge and a professional path. She pursued, created, and implemented the Administrative Fellowship Program at HMH, in which she is currently participating.

“The faculty’s experience in leadership roles within the healthcare community provided an invaluable resource for students seeking intellectual stimulation and in-depth knowledge. Every course offered through the Rutgers MHA program provided robust conversations of current topics, as well as insight to what it is like to be a leader in the healthcare field.”

Erin Malast - MHA '2022

Administrative Fellow/Care Transformation Services Project Manager, Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) - Edison, NJ

Vivian Mensah, MHA ’22

Vivian is an Administrative Fellow at Hackensack Meridian Health. Her current rotation is with Hospital Operations in the Neptune, NJ location.

“The Rutgers MHA contributed significantly to my career by preparing me for real-world situations. And the professors worked tirelessly to ensure you are prepared for the world of healthcare. I often still refer to a lecture or class when I am working.”

Vivian Mensah - MHA '2022

Administrative Fellow/Hospital Operations, Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) - Neptune, NJ

Rebecca Miller, MHA ’22

Rebecca is an Administrative Fellow at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, located in Charleston, SC. As part of her fellowship, she is working under the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The “real world” applicability of courses like Six Sigma Green and Black Belt and the Professional Practicum provided her with great exposure to the healthcare industry and current problems it is facing. Because of those courses, she made the decision to leave her previous career and pursue a post-graduate administrative fellowship and work in a hospital-based setting.

“Through the Rutgers MHA, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts, gain a better understanding of what it truly means to be a better leader within healthcare, and network with other healthcare leaders. The mentorship and experience I had helped me secure my fellowship.”

Rebecca Miller - MHA '2022

Administrative Fellow, Roper St. Francis Healthcare - Charleston, SC

Katrina Moreno, MHA ’22

Katrina is a Central Division Administrative Fellow at Providence Health in Spokane, WA. As part of her fellowships, she provides support to projects throughout eastern Washington, Montana, Oregon, New Mexico, and Texas. She said her Rutgers MHA degree has supplied her with invaluable resources and opened up countless opportunities in healthcare management. “It was evident Rutgers cared about deliberate mentoring, wanted me to succeed, and supported my career path post-MHA. And the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course offered as an elective is so incredibly unique; comprehension of six sigma philosophies and principles has benefited my career in how I approach or navigate complex projects.”

“When I reflect on my time at Rutgers, I really appreciate that my instructors shared their leadership background. Real-world scenarios, class discussions, and deliverables made it easy to engage and connect with my peers and instructors, which optimized practical application of coursework. Learning from their shared experiences also allowed me to view healthcare issues from a different lens.”

Katrina Moreno - MHA '2022

Central Division Administrative Fellow, Providence Health - Spokane, Wa.

Anna Pryamkova, MHA ’22

As an Administrative Fellow, Anna has been given an opportunity to work on special projects within the department of pathology & cell biology, allowing her to experience areas including finance, strategic planning, compliance, human resources, operations, and research administration. Currently working at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, Anna participated in case competitions during her time at Rutgers, which helped her develop business acumen and better understand strategic and financial needs taken into consideration when talking about organizational progress.

“Getting my MHA at Rutgers gave me the opportunity to earn a fellowship, as most healthcare organizations require the candidate to graduate from an accredited program. I also greatly appreciate how strong our alumni network is, as it has been instrumental in creating and fostering meaningful professional relations.”

Anna Pryamkova - MHA '2022

Administrative Fellow, Columbia University Irving Medical Center - New York, NY

Rakel Barrientos, MHA ’21

Rakel noted that several of the courses she took while completing her degree directly tie into what she is doing on a daily basis. What she learned in the data analysis course has helped her conduct, interpret and present data and metrics in her hospital’s operating rooms. Lean Six Sigma taught her how to streamline processes and improve performance tools that she uses when running the department. 

“I would have to say the best part about the Rutgers MHA Program are the faculty. They all bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Also, courses such as Lean Six Sigma and Data Analysis continue to help me on a daily basis when I conduct, interpret and present data and metrics on our operating rooms.”

Rakel Barrientos - MHA '2021

Administrative Fellow/Manager, Surgical Services, Jersey City Medical Center/RWJBarnabas - Jersey City, NJ

Mustafa A. Rahman, MHA ’21

Mustafa served as an administrative fellow at University Hospital in Newark, NJ from January to December, 2022. He feels that his experience with the Rutgers MHA degree helped him to climb the career ladder into a leadership position within a very short period of time. He began his hospital career in an associate administrative position within Administration and within six months of beginning his master’s program, was promoted to manager. He was selected as the inaugural Administrative Fellow after two years and now 18 months post-graduation, heis serving as a director and special advisor to the senior leadership team.

“The Rutgers MHA will enhance your decision-making and leadership skills, improve your ability to deliver actionable insights, and provide a wealth of career management support opportunities. The education I received has opened doors of opportunity so I may continue to learn and grow in my healthcare management journey. ”

Mustafa A. Rahman - MHA '2021

Administrative Fellow, University Hospital - Newark, NJ

Lina Maria Alfonso, MHA ’20

Through the preparation that Lina Maria received in the program, she was able to successfully transition into an Administrative Fellowship at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) immediately following her graduation in 2020. She says she has continued to utilize the skills she acquired through the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. Lina Maria listed the program’s strengths as its experienced faculty and staff, challenging course work and certifications, and the priority it places on the professional development of future healthcare leaders both as students and alumni. Lina Maria has continued to be involved in the program as a mentor to current students as well as leading the Rutgers MHA Alumni Association (RMHAAA).

“I encourage students to take advantage of the extensive curriculum options that are part of the Rutgers MHA, and also develop relationships with the program faculty, staff, classmates and alumni. Augmenting course work with extracurricular involvement and networking will make the experience even more rewarding. Participating in student organizations, case competitions, and workshops/events will also greatly impact your career. The instruction, guidance, and support that I received while I was in the Rutgers MHA Program has helped shape me into the professional that I am today.”

Lina Maria Alfonso, MHA '2020

Administrative Fellow, Columbia University Irving Medical Center - New York, NY

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