Research Day

On April 8th, 2022 we held the first Research Day at the Bloustein School. Faculty, staff, and students were invited to give five-minute Lightning Talks about their research. There was also a judged Poster Session, and a Keynote Address by Robert Kopp.

Introduction: Clint Andrews and Stuart Shapiro

Marc Pfeiffer: The Digital Economy and NJ Tax Policy

Wenwen Zhang: Shaping the Future of Cities Using Technology

Will Payne: How “Local” are Local Reviews?

Jennifer Senick: NJ’s Zero Energy Building Roadmap

Jeanne Herb: Integrating equity in climate change planning: notes from the field

Michael Smart: Buying Access One Trip at a Time: Lower-Income Households and Ride-Hail

Hannah Younes: Making Micromobility Smarter and Safer

Bob Noland: Public views of COVID street closures

Sean Simone: Brain Drain: Accurately Modeling the Migration of High School Graduates Leaving their Home State for Higher Education

Camille D’Andrea: BCSR Projects for the NJ Department of Education

Jermaine Toney: Economic Insecurity in the Family Tree and the Racial Wealth Gap

Gavin Rozzi: Predicting the Vulnerability of New Jersey Communities to Opiate Overdoses Using People, Places & Things: A Spatial Risk Modeling Approach

Francis Barchi: IImproving women’s health and building community resiliency through recreational soccer in rural Kenya: The Nikumbuke Initiative

Julia Sass Rubin: Why New Jersey’s county line primary ballots are destroying democracy in our state

Kelcie Ralph: Too much consensus in the transportation planning classroom?

Jim Samuel: Artificial Intelligence: Implications of Little Philosophy, Much Science & Lagging Policy

Keynote Address – Bob Kopp

Poster Sessions

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Poster Winner: Laura Geronimo, PhD Candidate. Evaluating Structural Biases in FEMA Distributions for Flood Damaged Private Property, Exploratory Analysis.

Poster Winner Laura Geronimo 2022 Research Day