Master of Health Administration (MHA) Application Requirements

Two Admission Cycles

  • Fall (September) admission—applications are due no later than July 1*
  • Spring (January) admission—applications are due no later than November 1*

*Applications are processed on a “rolling” basis—meaning that, as long as a prospective student’s application is submitted by the stated deadline, Admissions will review the application when it is submitted and make an admission determination.

Each MHA application is reviewed by at least three, and no more than five full-time MHA faculty members. These faculty review applicants and assess their likelihood of success in the program. A majority of faculty reviewers must recommend admission in order for a candidate to be admitted.

Admission Criteria 

Admission criteria include: Completion of an undergraduate degree. Evidence of growth and maturation during a student’s undergraduate studies—as defined as improvement in academic performance and competence over time—is critical. An additional, highly recommended criterion is: employment in the healthcare management area or cognate professional area. 

  1. Application form and fee 
  2. Personal statement 
  3. Resume 
  4. Official transcripts (may be submitted for the highest degree awarded to applicant) 
  5. At least two letters of recommendation 

NOTE: No GREs are required! International students only are required to submit TOEFL/IELTS/DuoLingo scores  

For more information about admission, please see the MHA Student Handbook. 

Mean GPA Among Students in the Program  

The mean GPA for students in the program is currently 3.3.