Hiring Procedures

New full time, part time, or post doc employee

Keri will contact the employee with further instructions
View the Rutgers University Human Resources New Employee Welcome & Orientation Toolkit

Temporary employees

See the University Human Resources Page for this service

Work study student

Work Study Students
Available through the Dean’s office.
Please contact Marcia Hannigan for more information:
(848) 932-2828


Contact Steve Weston
(848) 932-2728
Graduate Assistant Salaries, Tuition and Fees

Hourly Casual

Keri will contact student/employee with further instructions
View the Student Employment Guide

Professional Services Providers

When engaging a professional service provider or procuring any business service, the requesting unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable procurement policies and procedures.

Additional information may be found at https://procurementservices.rutgers.edu/purchasing/our-buying-process