Information Technology Services


The Bloustein School computer labs are used for courses held in our facilities and for general access use for students enrolled in a masters or doctorate program at the Bloustein School.

Printing Fees

At the beginning of both the Fall and Spring semesters, student accounts are credited $30.00.  The cost to print a black and white page in our facilities is two and a half cents and the cost to print a color page is ten cents.  There is also a 25% discount for printing on both sides of the paper and this feature (duplexing) is enabled by default.  Your credit provides you with the ability to print up to 1200 black and white pages, 300 color pages, or any combination of the two per semester.  When using the computers within the facilities, you will see a small icon in your system tray that will provide you with your current printing balance.  If you need to obtain additional printing credit, you can submit a payment to Keri Ferreira, who is located in the Business Services Office in room 176.  Keri accepts checks, money orders, or cash.


Printing to the plotters in our facilities is costly and that is why we do not automatically map those devices to your computer when you login to a lab station. The typical cost for printing out a poster sized file on one of our plotters is about $15. If you would like to print to the plotters, please use the following instructional documents:

Research Posters: Watch the video below on how to make a research poster