Pre-recording Lectures

  • Camtasia is software you can use to make pre-recorded lectures. We have a Recording Room on the 4th floor where you can record your lecture with high tech equipment in a distraction-free environment. There are two main ways to use Camtasia:
    • Record over a PowerPoint. With your PowerPoint open, simply lecture as you would normally. You can choose to just show the slides, or use Picture-in-picture, which records you as you speak.
    • Record the screen as you demonstrate a process. Camtasia records your voice as you demonstrate on the screen how to navigate software or the internet.
  • Kaltura Personal Capture allows you to record from your desktop to Kaltura. Launch from your desktop or from Canvas My Media

Online Video Conferencing

  • WebEx is the current solution supported by Rutgers
  • Skype is a free application that allows you to make video calls online. You can call non-skype users for a fee.
  • BigBlueButton is included in Canvas