Information Technology Services


Pre-recording Lectures

These software solutions allow you to record over a PowerPoint. You can choose to just show the slides, or use Picture-in-picture, which records you as you speak. You can also record the screen as you demonstrate a process in a web browser or application (i.e. Excel).

  • Kaltura Personal Capture is available under any Canvas site by clicking on My Media > Add New > Kaltura Personal Capture.
  • Camtasia is software you can use to make pre-recorded lectures. We have a Recording Room on the 4th floor where you can record your lecture with high tech equipment in a distraction-free environment. If you want your own copy, please email and describe your instructional needs for approval.

Online Video Conferencing and Recording

All of the solutions below allow for audio, video, screen share. All except BigBlueButton have a mobile app.

  • WebEx is the current solution supported by Rutgers. Setup instructions:
  • Skype is a free application that allows you to make audio and video calls online. Screen share is also included.
  • BigBlueButton is included in Canvas under “conferences”.
  • Zoom allows for free one-on-one calling for up to 40 minutes. Additional plans for more people and unlimited minutes available via subscription.

Cameras and Microphones

If you need a headset or a webcam, please email and describe your instructional needs so we can get them approved and ordered.