Information Technology Services

Classrooms & Labs

Bloustein Classrooms and Conference Rooms

  • All classrooms and conference rooms at the Bloustein School have a computer, projector, screen, and wireless internet access
  • For a complete list of rooms and equipment, visit the event management page

Classrooms outside Bloustein

Computer Labs

EJB Student Access

The Bloustein School computer labs are used for courses held in our facilities and for general access use for students enrolled in a masters or doctorate program at the Bloustein School. The courses that are taught in our labs include our graduate courses that use ArcGIS and graphics programs, as well as the undergraduate classes that use graphics programs.  we also have some courses that use of our labs for classes using statistics programs. Students enrolled in these courses are provided with guidance on accessing the computers in the Bloustein School computer labs.  If you are new to the Bloustein School and have not received information about lab access from the ITS team, please contact

Guest Access

There are instances when undergraduate Bloustein students and non Bloustein students are enrolled in classes that require computer lab access at the Bloustein School. In addition, there are also instances when such students are working with faculty or centers in a research related capacity. For undergraduates and non Bloustein students taking courses in our labs, we try to contact such students in advance of their first class with guidance.  For students working with faculty or research centers, the supervisor for the student should send a request to

  Computer Lab Locations

  • 3rd Floor Lab (Room 372 and 372A) – 46 computers in combined space.  The front of this room is used for classes.  The computers are available for general use when classes are not being taught.
  • 5th Floor Lab (Communications Gateway, Room 562) – 31 Computers
  • 2nd Floor Studio (Room 243) – 5 computers *available when room is not being used for class.
  • 4th floor Planning Studio (Room 476) 5 computers *available when room is not being used for class.

Virtual Lab

Rutgers OIT has a virtual computer lab that provides access to many of the packages used by the programs for the Bloustein School.  In order to use the virtual lab, you should have a reliable computer in good working condition that is less than five years old. We also recommend that users connect via a wired connection if at all possible.

The following are our recommended minimum specifications for the systems being used to access the virtual lab:

Virtual Labs Minimum Specifications

Minimum Windows Laptop Specifications:
Intel Core i5 processor
Windows 10 x64
8GB of RAM

Minimum Mac Specifications:
Intel Core i3 processor
MacOS Mojave

The Rutgers OIT virtual lab is available to all Rutgers students. It is used by Bloustein School students that require access to statistics software like R, SPSS, and Stata. Students taking undergraduate courses that include ArcGIS also use the OIT virtual lab. You can find out what software is accessible in the Rutgers OIT Virtual labs here.

You can find out how to access the OIT Virtual labs here.

Please note that you may need to adjust the resolution of your screen for best results. We also recommend using a wired internet connection if possible and that you save your work frequently to the Google Drive associated with your Scarletmail account, or to another cloud based file sharing service of your choosing.

It is important to be aware that some of the software used by the Planning Department is not available through the virtual lab.  We recommend you review our software page for more details on what packages are available.