Purchasing Hardware or Software


Work Related Purchases

The Information Technology Services Office provides technical procurement consultation to faculty and staff for hardware purchases.  If you need to purchase any technology for your office, please contact us so that we can assist you in obtaining quotes and in purchasing equipment that is compatible with the environment.  We have standardized on a select number of vendors and those vendors offer the best possible service and support options, however we do support a myriad of different types of hardware and will work with you to find the best solution. Please note that we do not approve technology purchases. Instead approval is needed by the department chair or the director or business manager of your department/center.

Personal Purchases

Rutgers has created agreements with a number of vendors to sell equipment to members of the Rutgers community at discounted pricing.  The findtech.rutgers.edu web site has all of the details related to these discounts, as well as links to the stores of the manufacturers.


There is also a department that is involved in distributing software at Rutgers and the web site for this department is software.rutgers.edu . Some of the software packages on this web site are available to the entire Rutgers community and others are only available to students or staff. Some software packages have other restrictions. For example, some of the software packages can only be installed on University owned equipment.  We have some specific information on gaining access to SPSS here.