EJB Student Access

The Bloustein School computer labs are used for courses held in our facilities and for general access use for students enrolled in a masters or doctorate program at the Bloustein School.  The courses that are taught in our labs include our graduate courses that use ArcGIS and graphics programs, as well as the undergraduate classes that use graphics programs.  we also have some courses that use of our labs for classes using statistics programs.  Students enrolled in these courses are provided with guidance on accessing the computers in the Bloustein School computer labs. 

Guest Access

There are instances when undergraduate Bloustein students and non Bloustein students are enrolled in a class that requires computer lab access at the Bloustein School.  In addition, there are also instances when such students are working with faculty or centers in a research related capacity. For these exceptions, we do have an exception process that can be followed. 

The form below is available for such exceptions and it should be filled out by both the student requesting access and a valid sponsor at the Bloustein School (faculty or staff member). The form has designated hours for lab access, as we restrict the hours of access for guests in order to maintain workstation availability for the students enrolled in our graduate programs. It should be noted that the hours restriction is not applicable during the summer. That form can be found here.

If you run into any problems using your lab account, please at .

 Computer Lab Locations

  • 3rd Floor Lab (Room 372 and 372A) – 46 computers in combined space.  The front of this room is used for classes.  The computers are available for general use when classes are not being taught.
  • 5th Floor Lab (Communications Gateway, Room 562) – 31 Computers
  • 2nd Floor Studio (Room 243) – 5 computers *available when room is not being used for class.
  • 4th floor Planning Studio 6 computers *available when room is not being used for class.
  • You can use this link to find out where these rooms are located